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I'm Andrew Fiscus, and I am a professional video editor, videographer and photographer living, loving, and taking bookings in Los Angeles, CA.

15 years of experience as an editor, videographer, and photographer

2x Emmy Award Winner
- Wright State University

Motion-Picture Production

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My Story

I grew up in Middletown, Ohio a small, very midwestern city about 30 miles from Cincinnati. My dad was a steelworker and my mom worked in the lunch room at an elementary school. I always had a passion for storytelling and entered many writing and theater competitions growing up. I didn't really find myself until college where I was able to study under filmmaker Julia Reichert and became deeply passionate about non-fiction filmmaking and storytelling. Not just the craft of documentary, but the purpose. Giving voice.

I've had a lot of adventures since.

I've been working as a professional video editor, photographer and videographer for almost 15 years.

I've photographed and created videos for a lot of weddings. Each has their own beauty and dynamic.

I've worked in 16 countries across 3 continents.

I've met amazing people.

I've been able to hear the real heart of many human beings and been gifted the opportunity to tell their story.

I made medical videos for a hospital network and met a girl with half of a heart that lived her life in a way that left me in awe.

I am passionate about inclusion, equality, and a reduction in violence.

I have worked with a great video production company both full time and freelance for over 6 years.

We have made every kind of video imaginable. From a $billion+ health care company to the smallest local commercial.
I've made marketing, training, industrial, corporate videos, 30-60min documentary specials and docuseries, promos, fiction films.

There's probably a lot more.

And all of this has been in pursuit of telling a story. I hope to spend my life telling stories.

If you've made it this far, send me a message on the contact page, and let's talk about how we can tell yours!

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